Introduction to Quantum Computing and Communications

BMEVIHIAV06, for English students, only in fall semesters

The quantum mechanics-based algorithms and protocols can play an important role in our nowadays used technical solutions. Quantum computing and quantum communications is no longer belongs to the world of scientific laboratories since more and more products are offered by different companies in the market. This course gives an overview on different areas of quantum computing and communication including qubits, quantum registers, quantum gates and different quantum algorithms (Grover, Deutsch-Jozsa, Shor, etc.) and protocols (including quantum teleportation and quantum key distribution).


Dr. László Bacsárdi, e-mail:, web:

Dr. Sándor Imre, e-mail:, web:

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Topics of the course

The detailed topics description can be found on the website of the faculty, on this link.

Format of the course

We will have short mid-term exams during the semester, 3 times, 30 minutes each.

The students will work on a project work during the semester as well. Requirements of the project work will be discussed during the first lecture.

Slides of the course will be available for our students.

About our group

As an integrated part of the Mobile Communications and Quantum Technologies Laboratory at the BME Department of Networked Systems and Services (BME HIT), we focus on quantum based communications and quantum information theory.

Our team has published scientific results in the field of quantum computation and communications, quantum cryptography and quantum information theory.