Since the foundation of the laboratory in 1997, one of its main focuses is the evaluation of wireless communications and mobile networks. Our community released more than 500 engineers in the past more than 2 decades, while participating in numerous international and national research and development projects in wireless communication, mobile networks and quantum communications. The members of the laboratory have over 700 scientific publications. Moreover, our colleagues have been active in providing various lectures to our industrial partners, the latest of these include topics of 5G mobile systems and quantum computing. We offer various courses for Bachelor and Master students interested in the present and future of mobile communication networks and/or quantum computing.



Some of our highlights from the past years: evaluation of the co-existence of LTE and legacy systems; analysis of capacity and throughput of LTE systems; evaluation of D2D communications’ performance; evaluation of beamforming based backhauling solution to mass transportation networks; development of a passive indoor localization system; various developments on sensor networks and remote control networks, using the popular RPi platform and Arduino boards, 5G mobile networking areas in cloud RAN and edge computing. Our members are actively participating in national and international quantum related activities including building Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) experiments (fiber based and free-space experiments) and Quantum Random Number Generators. We are proud of our students who received various prizes for their work in quantum communications.

Short history

The laboratory was established by professor László Pap at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Department of Telecommunication as Westel Mobile Communications Laboratory on 1st of January 1997. Soon it has changed its name to Mobile Telecommunication Laboratory. The laboratory provided a place for students to learn new knowledge on the field of mobile communication, and for members to research on new topics. Reflecting its growing activities in the field of quantum computing and communications, the laboratory changed its name in 2012 to Mobile Communications and Quantum Technologies Laboratory.

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Heads of laboratory

Former and actual heads of laboratory

Prof. László Pap: 1997-1999
Prof. Sándor Imre: 2000-2010
Prof. László Pap: 2010-2014
Dr. Péter Fazekas: 2015-2018
Róbert Schulcz: 2018-2020
Dr. László Bacsárdi: 2020-