Welcome to the webpage of our Quantum Technologies Group!



As an integrated part of the Mobile Communications and Quantum Technologies Laboratory (MCL) at the BME Department of Networked Systems and Services (BME-HIT), we focus on quantum based communications and quantum information theory.

The researcher team has published scientific results in the field of quantum computation and communications, quantum cryptography and quantum information theory.

Our main focus is on the following areas: theory of quantum computation and communication, quantum Shannon theory, quantum channel coding, quantum error correction, quantum cryptography, quantum repeaters, quantum networks, quantum space communications, visualizing multi-qubit systems using fractal representation.

Sandor Imre published his book "Quantum Computing and Communications" in 2005 by Wiley, and he just completed his second book with Laszlo Gyongyosi, entitled "Advanced Quantum Communications" (published by Wiley-IEEE Press, New Jersey, 2012) which includes the most recent results of quantum communications and quantum information theory.